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have you pooped today? - how to up your fiber intake to keep things moving

Doc said I needed to up my fiber to 40-50 grams per day to keep things moving smoothly. Let me tell you what a challenge that is! It can be a struggle to find high fiber foods to eat that won’t keep you eating all day or give you the stomach gurgles. I found that eating a fiber bar each day, with 10+ grams of fiber, really helps get me to my daily totals easier.

It’s hard to find good fiber bars, though. Everyone is so focused on protein bars, and many “high fiber” bars only have 4-6 grams of fiber, so you have to really search out ones that will work for you.

A few of my favorites are:

· Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Oats & Chocolate, 9g - easy to find and cheap – also tasty, the kids really like these

· Yofiit Morning Fiber, Apple Cinnamon, 12g - a seedy bar with a nice flavor, has probiotics to keep your gut happy – very chewy

· Yofiit Midday Energy, Choco Goji, 11g – yummy and treat-like in that they are sticky, chewy and tasty

· JERF Bars, 10-12g – these are tops in my book, a different consistency for sure, but these only have REAL, organic ingredients; the downside is that they are only available about once a year, so I really stock up

· Truth Bar, Chocolate Raspberry Coconut, 13g – the raspberry is quite sweet, but the chocolate is nice, I like that these have gut supporting pro & pre-biotics

· Truth Bar, Dark Chocolate Coconut, 14g – lots of mild coconut flavor, and the chocolate evens things out

· Dr Kellyann’s Keto Collagen Fiber Bar, Chocolate Coconut, 18g – more expensive than the others, but you are getting a lot more fiber, they have a nice mild toasted coconut flavor and are chewy in a great way

· Renew life organic fiber bar 14g - (currently unavailable.....hmmmmmm)

· Gnu foods 12g – not gluten free, so I did not get these


Although I did not try these, I love that they are named "heather's tummy fiber!" They must be good, right??

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