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live for REAL

It’s hard to know what’s real today. You’d think it would be easy enough, but it’s really not. Laboratories are cooking up all kinds of things and our government allows them to be called “natural.”  Social media provides perfect glimpses into people’s lives and calls it real.  Everyone seems to be living just to post a Facebook moment?  And "Reality TV" is more scripted than sitcoms.  Real is hard to find.


That's why phoodmoose is here. To help you find the REAL out there.


First things first. We’re not saying everything about our lives is totally and completely real, but we’re trying hard to make more and more of it that way.  No one is perfect.  In fact, we’ve all heard that saying that perfect is the enemy of good. Consistency is the key.  That’s what really matters.


















Sure, we still enjoy a glass of wine, some French fries and a frozen custard here and there.  One of us still colors her hair.  But we’re making strides in changing the overall focus to real food, real skin care, real cleaning – REAL life.



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