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i'm a diva (and i use a menstrual cup)

Sasha Fierce sang it best, "i'm a diva."

You may have read my recent blog post about cupping. I'm going to talk to you about a completely different kind of cup and I warn you, this may be #TMI for some of you.

WARNING: Read at your own discretion ;-)

Being a lady is not always easy. It comes with a monthly set of responsibilities that need to be attended to on the regular. Without going into the deets of the female reproductive cycle I'm doing to give you some low down. You can look all the science stuff up yourself, unless your head is still spinning from learning about the birds and the bees in the 5th grade from the parents - yes, both of them - of one of your classmates (a boy, no less) - OMG, I think I'm scarred for life!

Moving on: Each month you chicks gotta take care 'o your lady bid-ness. For years, I did the traditional tampon route (sidebar - funny story - one of my friends was in a very quiet neighborhood store with her young daughter who started reading the product names loudly. I will never, ever think of a tampon without hearing her little voice calling it a "TamPOON.")

Sorry, back to the post at hand. Tampons, they are made of cotton and put up in your nether regions. Do you know that those little discreet plugs are made of GMO cotton and heavily bleached and processed? And then we put them into our most sensitive area, where they can leech chemicals into our precious bits. UGH - SCARY! Read this if you don't believe me.

So now I use a menstrual cup and Diva Cup is my top choice.

The thing (well, one of the things) I love is that you only touch it twice a day - not every time you use the bathroom as you do with other methods. It just hangs around waiting until you are ready to rinse and repeat. I follow the AM/PM routine and empty it in the shower, rinse and reuse it. I do that in the evening as well, right before bed. I'm free all day to just be a lady on the move and I don't have to have any supplies tucked in my purse, pocket or glovebox.

There is no smell, no pain - you don't even feel a menstrual cup. Check out some YouTube videos for help inserting it correctly, but after using several different brands, I find that the Diva Cup is easiest and most leakproof. If any cup is not unfolded correctly, it has a chance of leaking, so read ALL of the instructions before heading out in your white pants!

I would be remiss to bring up "that time of the month" without even mentioning two things that have helped to support my hormones, normalize my cycle and reduce my PMS symptoms - Dragon Time and Progessence Plus Serum. These essential oil blends from Young Living are amazing for women. Check out the Oily Empire Podcast, episodes 189 and 192 to learn more, but I'm telling you - these babies, applied nightly, have made a world of difference easing my monthly visit from Aunt Flo and keeping me more even tempered all month long.

Get in touch with your feminine side and try a Diva Cup. It might be a bigger financial investment up front, but you are not spending money on scary feminine products of questionable origin and you are not flushing away anything into the water/sewer systems or landfills. Feel good about that!

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