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what are your body beliefs?

I did a book review post way back in February of 2016 about Jason Seib's AltShift Diet. I feel it is a meaningful and powerful way to think about the food that you eat if you are looking to lose body fat. Jason has a new book out this year, titled Body Beliefs: Women, Weight Loss and Happiness.

I got my copy in January when it came out in paperback. Honestly, I read it verrrryyyy slowly. I was really afraid that I was going to find something in there that would shock me into having to make a big change or think differently about myself. But really?!?! Wasn't that what I was looking for by reading it?!!? I know! I'm a bit nutty. Hence the reason I needed to read this book.

Jason writes that, "Too many women know full well that their motivations for fat loss are wrong and that their personal psychology regarding body image is unhealthy, yet they aren't doing anything to work on those things. The assumption is that they can't do anything to fix their heads, so they put all their energy into the next diet or workout protocol, praying to the gods of fitness and fat loss that this one will finally be the miracle they've been looking for. There's no need for this nonsense. You absolutely can change."

This is really an amazing book for gaining insight into the reasons why you struggle with losing fat and keeping it off. Jason delves into questions such as: why do you fall off the bandwagon, why do you think certain things about yourself, why do you compare yourself to others, why do you self-sabotage your efforts, and why is your willpower not eternal. He pushes you think differently about yourself and shows you how to do that. He reminds you that, "Change requires work," and "Habits require practice."

Jason is so sure that every woman who struggles with her self-confidence and body beliefs needs to read this book, that he is sharing it for FREE. Just go to the AltShift Diet website to join his mailing list and get your free e-copy. You're welcome ;-)


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