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these are a few of my favorite (essential oil) things

I am always asked, "Hey, where can I get that?" so I wanted to put all my favorite oily goodies in one place.

First and foremost, Young Living is where I get my essential oils. They are hands down the best out there. If you don't believe me, check out for the skinny. Its pretty unbelievable.

Here is just a sampling of my fave YL products:

I also use Amazon for a lot of supplies, such as carrier oils and reference materials:

  • Sweet Almond Oil, this one is great

  • Jojoba Oil, love this brand

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil stays in its liquid state, this one is really good

  • 2 ounce spray bottles for diy concoctions, like these

  • 1 ounce dropper bottles for oily serums, check these out

  • Small roller bottles, like these ones (but the roller fitments from YL to fit the EO bottles are my absolute favorite!)

  • Tiny Funnels to get your oils into those little bottles are here

  • Extra diffusers for all over your house like these


Yes, there is an App for that:

Reference Guide for Essential Oils, This one is hands down, the best I have seen. I use it all the time to look up an oil, an issue to be treated, and it includes the Vita Flex charts - so helpful and not ginormous, like the paper version :-)

On the Go:

And when you need to take your little bottles of plant love on the road, I love these handmade cases or these, but Etsy has tons of choices! How about a case to take your diffuser with you, like this!

If you can think of any more things that you love, please let me know. I'm always open to hearing about more oily goodies that can make my favorite things list. Cheers!

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