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smell ya later - how to use essential oils without a diffuser

No diffuser? Oh, the shame. Why would you even want to use oils without a diffuser? Because they work like magic – seriously. Inhaling an essential oil can change your mood in seconds! Putting an oil on your skin and it will enter your blood stream in minutes! This is amazing, because all those healing and supportive properties of oils are at your fingertips – no diffuser required!

The easiest way to use your oils is just by smelling them in the bottle – open the cap first though. Once it is opened, hold it at arms length and take a large inhale. Then bring the bottle closer to you slowly. This is a great way to start off with an oil that’s new to you or one you don’t think you like. Give it some space and just inhale as you move it toward you.

Its a great way to try out a new oil. I also like to use a diffuser necklace. I have a couple with lava stones, leather or ceramic. You put a drop of the EO on it and then wear it all day. You can also just put a drop of the oil on your chest. Since its right under your nose, you can easily smell it.

Along that same vein, but with a different appendage, be sure to use your Healing Stones Diffuser Bracelet. Just put a drop of oil on the lava stones and you are ready to go. I like to use oils on a bracelet because they waft toward you as you move your hands – which I tend to do a lot! Check out the blog post all about them here.

Malachite (left), African Jade (right)

In my car, I have a wooden clothes pin on the air vent and I can put a drop of oil on the wood and the vent blows it into my car. I also have a mini diffuser too.

My favorite way is to put a drop or two of EO into my hair at the top of my head. It lasts all day and every time I run my hands through my hair, it recharges into the air. People always comment on how great I smell.


Don’t forget that you can put these amazing bottles of plant juice on your skin, either neat or with a carrier oil like coconut, almond, jojoba or even virgin olive oil. Your pores will drink up the goodness and love you forever. Safety tip – don’t put on any citrus oils before heading out into the sunshine. They are photo sensitive and your skin may react quicker to the strength of the sun. Ouch! At least there is LavaDerm for relief!

Please Ditch & Switch your plug in air fresheners. Those little devices that you put in an outlet to smell your house up good. Needless to say, they are not good for you or your kids or your pets. In fact, they are filled with scary and toxic ingredients and can harm you and your peeps when inhaled. We recommend you do a bit of research on these things. No Bueno!

What is Bueno? Using your essential oils to improve the smells around your home. There are zillions of ways to use oils in your life – hit up the Google for more ideas if you didn’t like any of ours. We won’t be mad, I promise.


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