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simply human

On Tuesday, I got to record with Mark and Rick from the Simply Human Lifestyle podcast for their "Humans Being Human" segment. It was a lot of fun for me. I've been listening to them since they first started - 113 episodes ago. I even won their first ever leave-a-review-a-thon... or whatever they were calling it. Won myself a fancy Simply Human T-shirt. Oh-yeah... I'm fancy! So yeah... we're buddies now. Probably gonna hang out all the time when I go see the parents in TX. That's how I roll.

I hope I come across as funny as I know I am... and I know the story to be. I told an old story on how the boy made his sweety & meaty (nod to Big Bang Theory) "spaetzle & hamburg gravy" recipe. After all these years… it’s still one of the most vile things we’ve eaten… and I’ve eaten some nasty stuff in the name of culinary adventure. Ohhh... the fun of marriage. Kidding, honey... I love you!!

Seriously, if you're not following the Simply Human Lifestyle, you really should. They interview awesome leaders in the Paleo/Primal/HUMAN realm. Mark is the science side of things. Rick is the every-man side of things and, together, they make “that’s what she said” jokes like nobody’s business. They're hysterical! They deliver the "bun" portion of the podcast with sophomoric humor that will leave you in laughing so hard... you might just pee pants. Of course, Mark would poop his.

My segment should air on tomorrow's episode (14 Feb 16)... some love from me to you... but just go subscribe to the podcast now. You might regret it, but you’ll laugh a lot, too.

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