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AltShift is 'da bomb

Have you heard of AltShift yet? Jason Seib, trainer extraordinaire, of 30K View and Jassa Fit fame, has created this protocol of eating that helps you lose fat in a smart, sane, safe and healthy way. Patti and I started AltShifting right after our trip to Paris in October, stalled a bit over the holidays, then kicked back into gear in 2016.

AltShift is amazing because it's NOT restrictive or limiting. It is easy to work your current eating plan into AltShift, even if it is strict Paleo, AIP, grass-fed organic or anything else. You eat YOUR favorite foods and feel amazing. Jason's wife, Sheryl, has created some really tasty recipes in the book as well. You won't be stuck for ideas or hungry! Easy Peasy.

Go check it out at

As Jason says, "Go forth and be awesome!"

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