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winner winner chicken dinner ... creamy paleo chicken enchiladas verdes recipe

Yes, it makes me a little queasy to use that phrase… but it so fits.) Tonight, I made this delightful dish from the folks over at Paleo Spirit. Creamy Paleo Chicken Enchiladas Verdes. Say that again, slowly. Creeeamy. Paleo (YAY!) Chicken. Enchiladas. Verdes. YUM!!! Even the boy said they were a "have-again", but then went on to ask why we never have again the "have agains"? HA HA HA! Cuz I like moving on to new things, that's why!

Anyhoo… you totally need to go make these. Use your favorite salsa verde, or make your own. It was a week-night, so I used 505 brand. I tried to make the tortillas, but I don't have a crepe pan and I just made a mess in my egg pan. {To those that remember me trying to make Sandra's birthday crepe cake… you'll recall the utter disaster that was.} (Note to self… Get a crepe pan, already!) So I ended up cheating with some GF tortillas after a quick trip to Sprouts. Also, I would HIGHLY recommend you double, or even triple, the cashew cream salsa sauce so there is enough to really cover the top. Trust me, you're going to want more of this sauce.


Yes, I forgot the avocado and green onion until I was almost finished eating. I didn't care… they were that good.

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