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sloppy joes - grandma jones' recipe

Have you seen Adam Sandler's SNL skit Lunch Lady Land? It totally cracks me up - still. I can't even think about sloppy joes without this song sparking up in my head. (you're welcome)

Gram Jones had a super tasty recipe for sloppy joes that my dad grew up with. Then my mom joined the picture, got the recipe and continued the tradition. As kids, we loved this stuff. Messy and sweet on a big doughy bun! What's not to love?

We kids grew up - as kids tend to do - and took a break from the sloppiness of those joes. My own kids had not ever experienced this delicacy until they were in middle school. Oh, the shame! I have apologized many times over and now have to make up for all those lost years. I have tweaked Gram's recipe and it's a total winner. Never a bad review!

Sloppy Joes

1 c chopped onions

1 pepper, chopped (I omit since peppers are gross - your call)

1 lb ground beef

Cook these up on the stovetop. When the meat is cooked through, add:

8 oz of canned tomato sauce

1/3 c bbq sauce

1 T sugar

1 T vinegar (I use balsamic for more depth)

1 T worcestershire or steak sauce

1 T mustard

Heat thoroughly, toast up some gluten free buns and get a big napkin. Don't forget your veggies! Saute some spinach or other greens to serve alongside your joes or even top a baked sweet potato with some slop for a more primal meal.

I usually double this recipe and freeze individual servings for lunch on the go!


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