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are you sick or what? ideas to reduce your symptoms this cold and flu season

Its flu season here in the midwest. Hubby got it, shared it with a kid, then I went down, only to be sacked with pneumonia to really stretch things out for three weeks. Feeling mostly normal now, so cheers to that! I wanted to give you a few tips on things you can do and products to use to help kick ick's butt out of your home.

First, keep yourself healthy all the time. Its like a big, huge duh, but really. Get enough sleep. Wash your hands. Eat your veggies. Drink water. Move your body. Pop a vitamin. All of these basics can help your body remain in tip top shape so it can fend off any illness before it hits hard.

Another heavy hitter in our house is Homemade Chicken Stock. I'll take an organic, free range chicken carcass and put it in the pressure cooker (or slow cooker - depends on how fast you need it) with veggies, salt, pepper and spices and a dash of vinegar. Fill it up with water and turn on to high. You will cook it for about 45 minutes. Once its done, I cool and put into individual or quart containers and freeze for future use. This stock will produce an amazing gelatin consistency which is sooooo very good for you and your immune system.

If you start to feel something coming on, maybe just a tickle in your throat, here are some things you might want to try. If you are not yet a YL Member, you can start shopping via this link.

  • Thieves Cough Drops - offer comfort by relieving coughs, soothing sore throats, and cooling nasal passages.

  • Super C - a chewable vitamin C that is a powerful immune-supporting supplement. Also comes in tablets.

  • ImmuPro -provides exceptional immune system support when combined with a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep to support the body’s needs - also contains melatonin, so take this one at night

  • ImmuPower EO - this is a powerful blend and has a strong scent, put a drop on the bottom of your feet for it to support your immune system

  • Thieves EO - another immune supporting powerhouse! I will put a drop of Thieves Vitality in a cup of hot tea or water with honey, I'll diffuse it, I'll put this on the feet too. There are also Thieves Hard Lozenges for a quick shot of Thieves on the go.

  • Thieves Household Cleaner - seriously, do you use Lysol when the gang is hit with cooties? This will replace all those scary chemicals and leave your house smelling amazing. Spray all the things and places that sick people touch - light switches, toilet flusher, fridge handle - you get the picture.

I binged on (more than) a few shows, too. Here are my faves right now.

  • Amazon's, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

  • TNT's, Animal Kingdom (no Disney characters here) and

The Alienist - it's starting out with a bang

  • Netflix's, The Crown and Godless

  • Hulu's, Handmaid's Tale

  • Showtime's, Shameless and The Chi

  • HBO, I'm getting started on WestWorld, but GoT is an all time favorite

  • Starz, have you caught up on Outlander??

  • NBC, you can't go wrong with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med

I hope that you are staying above that wellness line and not bringing any extra crud into your home. Stay well, my friends.


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