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walk this way - in your hoka one ones

I am a lover of HOKA ONE ONE sneakers (and Aerosmith... and scarves in general). I may even have five pairs of HOKAs. My hubby seems to think this is quite an obsession for someone that does not even run (I regularly walk, tho). I think that I need many pairs to keep myself ready and available to move it-move it whenever the urge strikes.

I love my new Clifton 3

Either way, HOKAs are my go-to movement shoe. They offer a "Max Cushion Shoe Technology" which basically means that they are marshmallow soft for supreme comfort. They also offer an "Active Foot Frame", which means that your feet are completely supported while in the shoe. If you tend to roll or pronate, this might be a great sneaker for you. I love them for the arch support. HOKA wants you to love your sneaks so much, that they offer free shipping, free returns and a 30 day money back guarantee if they don't work for you. How can you beat that?

About 4 years ago, I was getting sore and achy feet after big walks. I tried to fix it by not walking at all - prob not the best choice. But every time I hit 8,000 steps in a day, I had to prop up my feet to reduce the pain and swelling. I did get one over the bone and joint doc, who x-rayed my foot to find out that I have an Accessory Navicular. Mind you, I love an accessory, but this one is not cool. Its an extra bone in my foot right above the arch. Apparently, running around the house barefoot all summer aggravated it. The fix was a walking boot for 6 weeks, some physical therapy and shoes with amazing arches. ALWAYS. No more bare feet for me.

A few months into my situation my youngest started complaining of similar pain. Guess what, this accessory is genetic (yeah). Both my kids have it (woo hoo - go team). Now we ALL wear super supportive insoles with arches in every pair of shoes. The kids obvs love Vans and Converse (#COOL), but as long as they have arches inserted, I'm ok with the kids wearing them.

I feel fully supported with my HOKA ONE ONE shoes and can walk, play tennis, run around the high school open house, shop it up at Costco and do anything else with them lovin' on my feet.

Check out part 2 with more of my suggestions on super supportive shoes that still look cute :-)

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