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green goddess, my goodness - paleo zucchini bread recipes

My friend, LEJ, has been working on her amazing organic garden all spring and summer. She brought me some of her bounty and I've been working hard to be creative. There were some jalapeños and a couple of dinosaur sized zucchini that I brought home.

Since I don't really enjoy burning my face off with my food, I roasted the jalps over a burner on the gas stove, doused them in ice water, then peeled and de-seeded them under running water. I bit of chopping and then a bath of olive oil and they will keep in the fridge until I'm ready to get toasty with my next Mexican fiesta.

Next up was a monumental amount of shredding - in the Cuisinart food processor, this is a breeze! I used 3 different recipes here - the top one is a coconut flour base with chocolate chips from We liked this one quite a bit, but I might recommend adding chopped nuts for texture. Zuc bread tends to be very soft and squishy.

The bottom left recipe is from and is based on nut butter with cocoa. I didn't dry out the zuc before baking and that made it really moist (prob too moist).

The bottom right recipe is from and everything is made in the food processor (1 bowl). Her recipe used almond flour, but my bread came out really wet. Maybe I used too much zuc? I would recommend adding chocolate chips and/or nuts to give it a better mouthfeel.

For all these recipes, I used my favorite loaf pan and the brownie pan from USA Pan Bakeware. I have found that they are insulated perfectly and things don't stick because of all the ridges. When recipes call for lining the pan with parchment strips, I just spray olive oil and things pop out like a dream. I also love their sheet pans and use them all the time.

Well, I'm off to do some more research on other uses for zucchini, since I have another 2.5 pounder to dig into. I guess spiralized zuc is on the menu tonight. Let me know if you have any amazing zuc recipes that you'd like to share. Cheers!

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