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hey, fruitcake

It was a hot Memorial Day this year. We have had such a crazy looooooooong winter and pretty much no spring, so it was really surprising to be humid and hot at the end of May. It ended up being a beautiful day until the storm rolled in. Either way, the cake we had was lovely. My little M loves watermelon and wanted to enjoy it over our long weekend. I wanted a dessert that I did not have to bake.

Enter, Watermelon Cake.

I cut a medium sized melon into a layer cake shape. I made some rich, whipped cream and frosted my melon. Add berries and voila! A crowd pleaser for sure.

This was Patti's version from last year 4th of July... which one did it better?

Hers may have been a little more embellished, but we learned NOT to pre-slice your wedges. It makes for a very difficult frosting experience.


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