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travelin' (wo)man

I don’t know about you, but I find it VERY difficult to make healthy habits stick. Especially exercise and especially when I travel.

After years and years of focusing my diet, I eat pretty well under most circumstances without having to think too hard about it… never gluten, generally meat and veggies… with the occasional French fries, glass of bourbon or custard. :-D

But movement, or any formal exercise, is harder to keep in the mix. Consciously, I know I need it. More importantly, I know I deserve it. But I find it hard to get to that same place of doing it without having to think too hard about it.

I’ve tried all the usual things like creating reminders in my phone, adding events to my calendar and enlisting the buddy system with friends. And they all work… for a while.

Right up until something throws a wrench into my routine.

Like a meeting at work during my planned yoga class or having to travel and not being able to cram workout clothes into my carry-on with all my work stuff… or happy hour with the girls. Workouts are always the first thing to fall off the To Do list.

And the really weird part is… I fulfill all my other commitments… like showing up to work on time and never missing a flight.

This realization came front and center last week after my 5th or 6th trip over the past few months. Some for work, some for family stuff… all of which have been fully packed with events. But when I got home from last week’s trip and started to pack for next week’s trip, I realized that I felt kinda gross.

Next week looks a lot like last… meetings all day, catching up on work in the evenings, mixed with social events with my co-workers. None of which is a bad thing. I love to travel. I really enjoy my job and the company of my co-workers. But doing all that several days in a row - without a thyroid - leaves me utterly pooped, so trying to get up early for a quick walk on the hotel treadmill is pretty much out of the question.

However, I know I need to do SOMETHING… so next week, I’m going to try this hotel yoga routine. It’s focused on people who travel and might be practicing in a small space… like a hotel room. Plus, no special gear needed to take up space in my carry-on only luggage!

Do you travel a lot? How do you keep up with your routine? Are you a die hard and don’t let anything mess with your workouts? Or are you like me? We want to know!

Let us know how you live for REAL while traveling over on the Facebook page.


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