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sicky support roller

the seasons... they are a' changin'. don't get caught without this guy!

I use this at the first sign of scratchy throat to help support my immune system fight off whatever’s starting its attack.

Or… anytime I have to fly. Planes are gross.


¼ 15-ml bottle Lemon EO*

20 drops Thieves EO*

10 drops Frankincense EO*

10 drops Ledum EO*

10 drops Hyssop EO*

10 drops Eucalyptus EO* (your choice)

5 drops Peppermint EO*

5 drops Oregano EO*

5 drops Rosemary EO*

5 drops Raven EO*

Carrier oil of choice (we like Almond)*

1. To your Lemon bottle, add the remaining essential oils and top with your carrier oil

2. Attach the roller fitment

3. Shake well before use

4. Apply on the throat, over glands, and down the spine several times a day (keep in mind citrus oils can cause photosensitivity, so cover up as necessary)

5. Apply to the feet at night and cover with cotton socks

Alternate oils to try (including, but not limited to): Cypress*, R.C.*, Wintergreen* (not for use with kiddos), Sacred Frank*, Sacred Mountain*, ImmuPower*, Melrose*, Clove, Mountain Savory*, Thyme*


And if you are looking for a little more sicky support, try this recipe for Elderberry Wolfberry Syrup. Tasty and works like a champ!

Elderberry (& Wolfberry) Anti-All-The-Things Syrup from Homemade Mommy

· 1/2 cup organic dried elderberries – sambucus nigra

· 1/2 cup organic dried wolfberries or if they are still out of stock you can get similar ones on Amazon here

· 4 cups filtered water

· 1 cup raw honey 

· 1 drop of Lemon Vitality Oil

· 1 drop of Orange Vitality Oil

· 1 drop of Thieves Vitality Oil

Add the wolfberries and elderberries and filtered water to your pressure cooker. Seal and cook for 7 minutes. Allow for the natural release method and wait for another 15 minutes to open the lid. 

Strain the liquid out through a strainer into a glass pitcher. Pour the strained liquid back into the cooker and hit the Sauté button. The liquid will come to a roaring boil. Reduce down by half. This process should take about 15-20 minutes.  

Pour out the liquid into a glass container and add in the raw honey. Mix together with the raw honey and stir until it is all incorporated. Yield should be about 3 cups. Add the oils and stir to incorporate. 

Pour into a bottle or jar and store in the fridge (will stay good for many months). 

Take every 2-3 hours when you need an extra boost!

Adults: Take 1 Tbsp per day during the winter cold and flu season. 

Kids: take 1/2 tsp per day


Or here is a favorite from Wellness Mama that is so delish with the cloves!


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