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the power of three - how I found my strength and positivity

Have you ever had the experience of hearing about 3 things in short succession, so that you actually sat up and took notice? Third time's a charm? It happened to me again!

I was recently listening to Sean Croxton's new Sessions podcast with Bob Proctor where they discussed the power of the mind and positivity and Bob's new book, The Art of Living. It started me thinking about how I want to be more positive and instill that into my family and work life. One of Bob's inspirations is Napoleon Hill, a pioneer of the early 1900's who completed a 20 year project with Andrew Carnegie where he studied successful people and wrote his findings into the Law of Success. Bob recommended reading Napoleon Hill's books, The Keys to Positive Thinking and Think and Grow Rich. These are not "new" books, but are still poignant today. One of Napoleon's famous quotes is, "You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Now, don't forget that Bob Proctor was the interviewee with Sean, and I am now reading his book, Thoughts are Things, which discusses how your mind-set determines how successful you can become. His work discusses the science and psychology of thought and how important it is to living a successful life.

Just after this eye opening look into how my thoughts can determine the trajectory of my life, Patti sent me a link for the Women's Strength Summit hosted by Steph Gaudreau. I'm not a body builder kind of gal, so initially, I hit delete. When Patti sent me the Playbook from the WSS detailing each of the speakers and the subject of their talks, I was intrigued. There are two phases of speakers, those focusing on Strong Body and those speaking about Confident Mind. When reviewing the list, I saw there were several speakers who's main content was on the power of the mind and how positive thinking can help you succeed in your fitness and health goals. On a side note, meditation is another topic that peaked my interest when I heard about it 3 times in succession. I don't find it very easy to sit still for 5-10 minutes, so I like to have background sounds from the Calm app or a guided meditation. Check out, WSS speaker, Chel Hamilton and her Meditation Minis podcast.

The third time I was confronted with the power of positive thinking revolved around forgiveness. As I read the books I mentioned above, and listened to the WSS speakers, they all spoke to reframing thoughts from the past in your mind. I am stuck in the past on a couple situations that hurt me and am having trouble moving forward to forgiveness. It is a challenge to try to put a positive spin on something that broke your heart. How do you forgive that kind of hurt? How does forgiveness even work? I happened to be scrolling through my Kindle this week and found Forgive for Good by Dr. Fred Luskin waiting for me in my cloud. How's that for the Power of Three? I had forgotten that I purchased it, but guess what, I'm reading it right now! Forgiveness does not mean forgetting or allowing someone to continue to hurt you. It is the power you give yourself to heal. When you are able to forgive, you are allowing yourself to move on with your life in a more positive and healthy way.

I am currently on my journey to positivity, and I like where it is headed.

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