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socks and shoes for happy feet

Here are phoodmoose, we love supporting businesses that are trying to make the world a better place. Especially those that make our feet feel better, because, when your feet feel good... everything else seems to fall into place a little easier.

And seriously... we all want to be like those happy feet penguins, right?

Two Companies that we LOVE because they make our feet so happy are Bombas and Rothy's.

Socks. Something I never I thought I would be proselytizing... but here a I am.

After a 4 or 5 pairs of socks either lost their elastic or gained holes in rapid succession, having just been thru this a few months prior, I dramatically went thru and emptied the the sock drawer onto the floor. After inspecting all of my athletic socks for other similar issues, I was down to about a few pairs that had not yet been inflicted, but were likely to, soon. Sigh. I planned a Target run the next day to replenish.

As luck would have it, that evening, I saw a commercial for Bombas. Of course, the Patti B in me liked the BEE BETTER tag line and bumble bee logo. And sure they had fun colors and they looked comfy, but what really caught my eye was:

  1. They sold their socks in SIZES! I have small feet and most "average female" socks have the heel 1/2 up my ankle.

  2. The part where they said they donated a pair of socks to a shelter for every pair purchased. How awesome is that?

I went online to discover they were not cheap and I almost bailed. But, I thought, maybe that was the problem with my current inventory? They kept falling apart because I bought them on the cheap. Plus, they have a 100% "No Matter What" return policy. What did I have to lose? I decided to splurge and bought a combo pack of the cushioned ankle socks for workouts in size small. At the very least, I helped 4 people get a pair in a shelter somewhere.

When they arrived, I couldn't believe just what I had been missing. These socks were not just comfortable, they were COMFORTABLE! They were soft and cushioned, as advertised, but they also had some compression in the arch that felt ah-mazing! Plus... no seams at the toes to rub or cause blisters. And the cherry on top... the heel was actually at my heel. I was in love.

Over the course of a couple months, I proceeded to empty out the remaining dress, casual no-show, boot and compression socks in my drawer (donating them all to a near-by shelter) with various Bombas replacements. It was a splurge, for sure, but my feet have never been happier.

You can splurge, save and give all at the same time. Just use our referral code to save yourself 20% on your first Bombas order, and they'll donate a pair for every pair you purchase, too.


Now that the sock drawer is in order... let's talk shoes. Again, with an eye on helping the world a bit, we've been following Rothy's for a while, wondering how cool is it that they make shoes out of recycled water bottles.

That's right! They create thread from the bottles and then 3D sew the shoes. It's like something from a Sci-Fi movie! This not only gives new life to what would otherwise be landfill, but also allows the shoes to be machine washable. WIN-WIN!

Step in a puddle? Just towel them off. Step in a mud puddle? Just rinse them off. Been wearing them all summer? Just remove the insert and throw everything in the wash. Obviously... no dryer for these babies, but they air dry in no time. The perfect vacation shoe!

Plus, because the insole is removable, you can insert your own if you like. Just be sure to size up accordingly to allow room for your insole and your piggies.

This was another splurge item, but I had some birthday money and decided I'd try them out. I'm so glad I did. They are comfy enough to wear all day and haven't given me any blisters as of yet... I've had them about 8 months now and wear them A LOT.

They started with just The Point and The Flat (mine pictured here), but now they also have The Loafer, The Sneaker and The Chelsea, which is an adorable little bootie. And the colors... so many colors and patterns, there's bound to be something for everyone. But word to the wise... they change out colors frequently, so if you're in love with one, don't dilly dally or you might miss out.

And because we love to share savings AND help others save the world... use our Rothy's referral code here, too, and you'll get $20 off your first pair.


So there you have our secrets to happy feet. Let us know how happy your feet are after your discounted purchase of Bombas and/or Rothy's on our Facebook page. We can't wait to hear from you!


*This post contains affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, we will be paid a small commission.


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