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I won all this stuff! Seriously

This was an amazing boon of a win. Honestly, when I saw the "you are the winner" email, I replied back with "I hope this is not spam!" But I was the one in a "million" winner to receive over $1700 worth of product for me, my girls, my sister and that cool dude that I've been quarantined with.

Luckily my house has 2 other gal pals to share with and then there's my sister (the p in phoodmoose) who scored big, too.


⭑ 1 year of Sundaily Gummies ($468).

⭑ Cannuka's Skincare Collection ($230).

⭑ Eat Your Coffee's Snack & Swag Pack ($185).

⭑ Peet Rivko's Skincare Starter Set ($162).

⭑ The Plant Apothecary Cult Favorites Kit ($149).

⭑ Unravel's SuperLight Throw ($149).

⭑ 3 Busy Beauty Body Wipe Variety Care Packs ($120).

⭑ Hero Cosmetic's Complete Pimple Lifestyle Kit ($102).

⭑ Golde's Superfoods Mask Kit & Pure Matcha ($92).

⭑ 3 Bottles of OWA Haircare's Hair Wash ($87).

⭑ type:A Classic 3-Pack Deodorant + Wipes ($39)


Sundaily is your skincare in a daily gummy. To take care of your #skinfromwithin, Sundaily gave away a one year supply of The Back Up, a skin repair gummy. The Back Up fights the visible signs of aging through the power of plant-based antioxidants. This gummy will reduce deep lines & wrinkles, fade age & sun spots, increase skin plumpness, and support skin's collagen layer! p and I have been using this product for over a year and feel that our skins looks way more amazing than it used to. We also use The Base Layer gummy to help support further daily damage from the sun. 

Founded by coffee-deprived college students, Eat Your Coffee is on a mission to help people get energized and get more done with naturally-caffeinated snacks made with real, ethically-sourced ingredients. This stuff is tasty and pops a bit of a punch. I really like the salted caramel macchiato flavor bar. There is also a squeeze pack (like a nut butter pouch) of almond mocha that's great. They all taste like nutty coffee and the flavors are mild.

At Plant Apothecary, they’re getting straight to the root of clean, organic, eco-friendly self care. Their products combine the highest-quality botanical ingredients with innovative technology and apothecary know-how, to deliver the gentlest, most nourishing skincare—that works for everyone. They don’t believe in formulating, shipping, or selling products that are mostly water, so we’re committed to filler-free, concentrated formulas that are both more effective and more sustainable for our planet. The Plant Apothecary Cult Favorites Kit includes: Start Happy Organic Body Wash - delish citrus scent in the shower, Wash your Face Organic Aloe Face Wash - amazing lemongrass scent for right before bed, Superficial Organic Face Oil - perfectly moisturizing to start the day, and Ground Control Organic Body Oil - so smooth. I'm loving these products.

Unravel (not pictured) makes super soft, natural, and sustainable wool products to keep you at your coziest. The SuperLight Throw is warm, cozy, and absolutely wonderful. I can't wait for the temps to dip below 70 degrees, so I can wrap up in this with a glass of wine. 

Busy Beauty creates personal care wipes that are good for you and the planet. Their Body Wipe Variety Care Package includes 24 individually-wrapped Body Wipes in three unique scents - Peppermint Pomelo, Kiwano Starfruit, and Dandelion Dragon. My girls both have active lives, and tell me that these wipes are amazing. I'm loving the beautiful boxes - such great packaging.

Hero skincare restores your healthiest skin, treating it today while healing it for tomorrow. The Complete Pimple Lifestyle Kit is helping to solve our pimple emergencies! These little dots suck the ick out before it blooms. Cool!!

Golde is all about superfood health and beauty for every body. Our matcha is made with 100% pure, shade-grown green tea leaves from Uji, Japan, and the masks are 100% pure superfood skincare. The Lucma Bright and Clean Green masks smells like food as they feed my skin. Once that weather hits cooler temps, I will brew up a cup of soothing matcha and grab my Unravel throw before I head to the porch.

  OWA Haircare is an innovative haircare brand delivering concentrated, effective waterless formulas. Their Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is water-activated shampoo for everyday use. This stuff was strange to get started with since it is a powder, but after 2 uses, I was totally hooked. It creates a silky smooth cleanser that leaves hair so soft - and clean. Amazing!

type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice by making a high-performance, non-toxic deodorant. The Classic 3-Pack is our sweat-activated and aluminum-free deodorant in our 3 best selling scents - The Visionary, The Dreamer, and The Achiever! We know that many drug store brand deodorants contain harmful chemicals that react negatively with our hormones. These liquid like products are clean and safe. They are not my first choice when its 85+ degrees out there, but I enjoy the scent and knowing that my non-stinky-ness is not hurting my body. We previously did a Pit Challenge on the blog with our faves. Check it out here.



I got a separate skincare package from Peet Rivko. This is a line of ultra gentle, clean skincare free from fragrance and harsh irritants. The soothing products are designed for all skin types and genders, including the most sensitive of skin. I am loving the Body Oil, Exfoliator and Balancing Face Oil. These are mild smelling, but so moisturizing.

Cannuka is a brand that I love! They take two natural, skin-loving ingredients (Cannabis and Manuka Honey) and combine them to create something truly unique and optimally effective. The smell is just pure bliss. The Harmonizing Face Cream, CBD Nourishing Body Cream, CBD Healing Skin Balm, and lip balm are all my favorites.


Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the specific products. We have tried them all and will give you our honest feedback before your spend your hard earned money out there on the inter-webs.

*This entire post contains opinions based on the totally lucky and spontaneous opportunity of winning a prize pack. We have not been financially compensated for our feedback, nor was the prize presented with the goal of commenting on the products.*


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