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a pit against pit challenge... natural deodorants

We've been talking about health and beauty products we love lately. After we got several requests about natural deodorants that actually work, I thought I'd see how a few did head-to-head... or pit-to-pit, as it were.

One of the biggest complaints about natural deodorants is... they don't work. We agree. Many of them go on with delusions of grandeur, but end up letting us down.

The other thing is that I seem to be super reactive to anything with baking powder. I get itchy, red patches within a few days.

I made my own for a while with arrow root and essential oils, but what a pain... and mess.

The contenders (in no particular order):

the natural deodorant contenders

Native Deodorant* - one of our recent top faves. Lots of great scents, none of which are overpowering. Comes in a stick, goes on like a moisturizer.

Roots Herbal Apothecary - a Colorado Springs shop, creating body products that use pure, clean ingredients from plants grown organically on small farms. All of our favorite things!

Lume Deodorant - This actually started as a lady parts deodorant, created by a gynecologist, and then realized it was great for underarms, too!


This was the thread from a group text between me, Heather and Tammy:

Me: "Ladies... After a couple double elimination rounds of pit 🙋‍♀️ against pit 🙋‍♀️ challenge... I feel like the Lume deodorant won out for best funk deterrent. (And maybe a smidge of antiperspirant assistance?)

I think the local Roots Apothecary brand was prob the runner up, with Native coming in 3rd for me, in terms of length of time before I didn’t feel so fresh.

I do feel like Lume takes the longest to “soak in” , tho maybe this is why it seems to work better? I would recommend you do your own tests, as every body chemistry is different. You may not be as funky 🕺as I am.

God speed!

Ps- I think applying the Lume at night gave it plenty of time to soak in still lasted thru the day."

Tammy: " Roots was my fav. Lume lingered a bit more. My body has gotten use to the more natural deodorant and I’m not as smelly lol."

Me: "I don’t know what my prob is... I got the funk. 😂"

T: "Lol I still love ya."

Heather was decidedly quiet during this exchange. Maybe, she, too, has the funk? HAHAHA!


The Lume website says it lasts "up to" 72 hours, but I didn't find it lasted anywhere near that time. Applying it at night did seems to make it last longer, though... which I've heard is how you should apply all deodorant?

While I still love my Native, I think maybe I'm one of those peeps that needs to mix up my deodorant to keep seeing results? I have a few containers left and will definitely keep them in the rotations. (Use our link to get a FREE travel size on your first order.)

Some runners-up that didn't work 100% for me, but I would still recommend you try them for yourself (we're all different) were:

In any case... I hope this helps you in your quest to ditch the toxins... especially those that you might be applying so close to your breast tissue. I'll let you do some research on that.

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