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love the skin you're in - a dry brushing how to

Do you have skin? Did you know that it is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it?

Do you spend time exfoliating your face or applying fancy lotions and creams? Maybe the rest of your skin wants some attention too!

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? Basically, its taking a soft, but firm bristled brush and rubbing it over your skin.

Benefits include: increased energy, smoother skin through exfoliation, renewal of the skin, increased circulation, may help with lymph flow, detoxification and even digestion. Dry brushing your skin also helps to clean your pores and relieve ingrown hairs.

Get long handled, natural bristled brush - amazon, whole foods, even target

Get undressed – you can stand in the shower if you want, but don’t get wet yet

Start with gentle and slow strokes, in long, sweeping motions toward your heart

Should never hurt – just give you a rosy glow

Start at your toes and brush up your legs – do each body part a couple times

Then start from your fingers toward your heart

Don’t forget the backs of everything – and your back

This should not take any more than 5 minutes and can be done a few times a week

Wash your brush with soap and water every week or two to clean off the dead skin cells.

Dry brushing is like a massage and your body responds similarly. Both can be used to relieve stress and reduce occasional anxiety. Both can help your body heal faster, too. Did you know that over half and maybe even ¾ of doctor’s visits are related to stress?!? Dry brushing is cheaper and faster than both massages and doctors visits!!

Your skin works to protect your body from outside irritants and then secretes toxins so that your immune system can work more efficiently. Your liver and kidneys work to detoxify your body from the inside.

Dry brushing helps to clean your pores and remove dead skin that can be inhibiting this process. This gives your liver and kidneys a break from all the work that they do. That’s why you may have heard of dry brushing used in conjunction with a detox or a cleanse.

Some people say that dry brushing improves the appearance of cellulite. I don’t about that, but it certainly can’t hurt!

A couple of other points to have the healthiest and glowiest (is that a word?) skin:

Don’t use soap in the shower – its very drying

Hydrate – drinks lots of water - add essential oils too!

Pamper - use SAFE lotions and body butters or just coconut oil

Love your body’s skin like you do your face – treat it well

Eat a diet with lots of healthy fats

Limit alcohol and sugar as they age your skin – who wants that?

So go get yourself a dry brush and pamper your biggest organ!

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