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psl the REAL way - a whole food pumpkin spice latte recipe

Here in Colorado, Fall is definitely falling. The temperatures are dropping (at least at night and in the morning), the leaves in the High Country are already changing (we're driving up this afternoon) and Pumpkin Spice is EVERYWHERE!

To that, I say... YAY!!! I mean, c'mon... it's pumpkin... and SPICE. It's delicious. But we all know that some PS items out there are less than real. HFCS, flavors created in a lab... as my boyfriend Jimmy Fallon would say, "Ew!"

So, you're welcome. Here's a PSL you can feel good about.

1 cup heavy cream (or milk/alternative of choice)

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1/4 cup maple syrup (optional)

2 tsp vanilla extract

10-20 grinds fresh nutmeg - no pre-ground is never OK

4 cups good coffee

Mix all ingredients, except the coffee, in a bowl or jar. Add to to your favorite coffee and enjoy!

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