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delicious dairy free options

After realizing that dairy was giving me an eczema-like rash, I cut it out. Easy? No freaking way, but I did find some tasty substitutes. Thankfully, I have been able to curb the rash and have been eating a bit of dairy here and there, but with all these great choices out there, why limit yourself?

Ice Cream


+So delicious dark choc truffle - rich chocolate flavor, no aftertaste

+Trader Joe’s choc coconut milk- like custard, rich chocolate taste, no aftertaste

+Archer farms peanut butter & chocolate- delicious rich chocolate and tasty pb

+NadaMoo-lotta mint chip & rockiest road – tasty choices if you need “fancier” flavors - they are from Austin, where keeping it weird is a way of life!

Skip these:

-B&J caramel almond brittle- the sweet almond milk is too sweet with a funny after taste, but the caramel crunchies are nice

-B&J chocolate brownie – the chocolate almond milk base is ok, but has an aftertaste, the (gluten filled) brownie is quite nice, though

-Archer farms vanilla bean- tastes like almond milk, super sweet, not so much vanilla-y

-So Delicious oat milk peanut butter & raspberry – the raspberry is good, but the pb is mild and the oat milk is kinda weird tasting

Cheesy Things

Myokos: everything I’ve tried from this brand is delish!!

+Vegan Butter – it even tastes buttery on a piece of toast

+Cream Cheese – Plainly Classic, Unlox Your Dream for brunch time

+Cheese wheel- Double cream chive – so good with crackers (and wine)

+Cheers to Cheddar – so tasty on a cracker

Kite Hill is also a fabulous dairy-free brand

+Ranch Dip is amazing and a great alternative for that crudité platter

+Cream cheese is ok – (Myokos is better)

+Parmesan is excellent melted on just about anything, but fried eggs is a winner

+Lots of sliced choices, but I have not tried them yet

Trader Joes

+Cashew fiesta dip (hot queso dip) – warm it up and eat with chips – you’re welcome

+Lots of tasty cheeses – but tend to be quite greasy

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