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be thoughtful - your thoughts can effect your biology

I recently read an article that addressed a person with multiple personality disorder. In one personality, he had an allergic reaction to a food, but in a different personality he did not.

Kind of amazing, cool and pretty freaky.

There is new science that addresses our understanding of neuroplasticity to help shed light on why this happens. Super basically, neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself. It’s a type of muscle memory for your neurons – they can make new connections thereby creating new responses in other areas of your body.

Just like growing your muscles with certain exercises, you can change your thought pathways with training.

We already know that our experiences & beliefs can change the structure of our brain, which can change the expression of our genes throughout our body.

The coolest thoughts for me on this, are that we can work on specific food sensitivities, pain and illness through targeted treatment to change the outcome of how our body reacts. We can overcome negative symptoms – even without medication.

The science shows that neuroplasticity can change your body. You can literally think yourself well. Obvs, it not as simple as that, but start changing your thoughts to change your body’s responses.

Your mind needs to be healthy so that your body can be healthy.

What you say – even in your own head, matters and it matters a LOT!


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