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I want more...abundance

Do you remember that movie, Pay it Forward? By doing one thing to help someone else, you can benefit the lives of many people and attract more positivity to yourself. Ripples create waves.

Today we are going to talk about abundance. If you have ever heard about the Law of Attraction, abundance is at the root of that philosophy - you appreciate what you have and you define what you want so that you will attract it.

Being abundant is having lots of something. You get to define what that “something” is for you.

We are not necessarily talking about money here. Sure, would you like more money in your life, then yes, you can put your energy on that. If you want more love, more happiness, more peace, then you can also focus your abundance on those. You can attract a job, a partner, a home….whatever you truly want in your heart.


The practice of abundance is really just that simple. Be thankful for what you have so that you can increase your vibration to attract more of what you want. We will go more into “gratitude” soon, so we won’t dive too deep on that aspect here.

Everything in the world is made of energy. Your vibration is the energy that your body and emotions put out into the world. The more you increase your vibration, the more you support your body’s wellness, and the greater easier it will be to harness the Law of Attraction. A few easy ways to boost your vibration are:

  • BE grateful

  • Tell someone how much you appreciate them

  • Smile

  • Breathe – slowly and deeply

  • Give a hug (and then you get a hug, too)

  • Get outside

  • Laugh

  • Appreciate the beauty around you

  • Compliment someone (paying it forward)

  • Stretch and move your body

  • Play – just like you did as a kid

Most of this sounds like common sense if you want to live a happy life. Be nice to others and others will be nice to you. Didn’t your mom say that to you? Ours did. By being your kindest, most positive self, you naturally attract more things in that same high vibration. You get what give.

Did you know that certain Essential Oils have high frequencies and will increase your vibration in mere seconds? Oils like Rose, Helichrysium, Frank and Lavender have direct effects on the synapses in your brain and increase your emotional vibrational response within 22 seconds – just by smelling them.


Here are some ways to start attracting more abundance in your life:

  • Begin from a place of love and abundance – really be specific about what you are grateful for: I am so thankful to have this wonderful sister. She is caring, loving and supportive. She listens to me and guides me through life’s challenges.

  • Interrupt habits and mantras that don’t serve you – like “money doesn’t grow on trees” – that mentality will keep you in the “lack” space. “Money flows to me” is a brilliant option instead. It might sound hokey saying this at first, but by training your brain to be more open, you will attract more. Never, ever focus on “getting out of debt” or “your aching back” or “I’m so sick”. Every time you state the things that you don't want, you are furthering to focus your vibration on them and you will just attract more of them. Change your direction to “I love being able to spend time playing with my kids” or “I want a vacation fund of $5000.” This is where your mindfulness practice will help you.

  • Whatever you want more of, do more of that. If you want more wealth, you will have to “BE” wealthy. It does not have to cost any money. Go to a swanky neighborhood or fancy department store and do some window shopping. Act “as if” you live there or shop there all the time. Get used to that being part of your life.

  • Journal. Grab a notebook and get super specific about what you want in your life. Write down how you see your life in the future – but write it like it has already happened. “I am so grateful that I took this trip to Italy. The wine, the food, the culture are amazing.” Get really detailed about everything – the sights, the sounds, the tastes. Really create the specifics in your journal, so that you can point your mind in the same direction. When you have the goal set, you then reverse engineer your life to reach that goal. Keep referring back to your future as you see it and keep fine tuning it along the way to focus your vibration in that direction.

  • Celebrate success. Anytime you get more of what you wanted in your life, even if its little – have a party! Dance in the living room, do a cheer, sing a song, pour a glass of bubbly – do something to mark the occasion and say “thank you.” If you want more, ask for more and appreciate it when it starts coming!

Here is your homework, I would like to propose that you notice your negative thinking. Its waaaay hard, I get it, so start small. Just pay attention and then STOP each time that you are focusing on the negative aspect of something – when you say or even think something negative, your vibration is lowered to that level. If you want more abundance in your life, you have to raise your vibration. You get more of what you give and what you appreciate. Guess what, we appreciate YOU!


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