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read anything good lately?

Have you been missing us lately? Sorry about that! It's been the summer of softball here in Chi-Town. Tournaments every weekend out of town and out of state. All those miles on the car and hours in the sun. It's downright exhausting (but we totally LOVE it!)

One of the benefits about being away from home every weekend, is the luxury of reading. I can read in the car, in the hotel, between games, at night before bed, while everyone else is showering, etc. It has been awesome to catch up on some great summer beach reads, for sure.

I wanted to share with you all the cool books I've been plowing through just in case you have some time on your hands and you'd like to fill your head with a fun story. BTW, if you have not watched the Handmaid's Tale on Hulu, please do. It's a shockingly amazing story, too.

OK, books. I've been on a mystery-murder-suspense kick, so that's the flair here. Please let us know what you have been reading lately. We'd love a great new book, too! Enjoy!


Into the Water by Paula Hawkins "[A] succulent new mystery… Hawkins, influenced by Hitchcock, has a cinematic eye and an ear for eerie, evocative language… So do dive in. The payoff is a socko ending. And a noirish beach read that might make you think twice about dipping a toe in those dark, chilly waters.”—USA Today

Woman in the Window by A.J.Finn “The Woman in the Window is one of those rare books that really is unputdownable. The writing is smooth and often remarkable. The way Finn plays off this totally original story against a background of film noir is both delightful and chilling.” (Stephen King)

Genuine Fraud by E.Lockhart “A bracing pace, a slew of far-flung locations, and a storyline that runs mostly in reverse will keep readers on their toes, never entirely sure of what these girls are responsible for or capable of.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

I See You by Clare Mackintosh “Mind-bending…[This novel] makes you reevaluate every step you take, and you will see the world in a different light. And that is genius.”—Alexandra Burt, author of The Good Daughter

Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware "With surprising twists, spine-tingling turns, and a setting that proves as uncomfortably claustrophobic as it is eerily beautiful, Ruth Ware offers up another taut and intense read in The Woman in Cabin 10—one that will leave even the most sure-footed reader restlessly uneasy long after the last page is turned."

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena "Provocative and shocking. One crime, an entire neighborhood of suspects, secrets and lies. How well do we ever know those around us? The Couple Next Door will keep you glued the pages in search of the answer. Even then, you'll never guess the truth...until it's too late.” --Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Find Her

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart "Surprising, thrilling, and beautifully executed in spare, precise, and lyrical prose, Lockhart spins a tragic family drama, the roots of which go back generations. And the ending? Shhhh. Not telling. (But it’s a doozy)...This is poised to be big." —Booklist, starred review

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