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don't be dirty, the 2018 EWG dirty dozen is announced

In order to live a REAL life, we need to eat fruits and vegetables. There are very few people today that eat enough of these to fully support the wellness our bodies. One additional problem is that we don’t know what pesticides, residues and chemicals might be on or in our produce. What are the best choices to eat without disrupting your health?

That’s where the EWG comes in.

The Environmental Working Group discovers what toxins might be lurking in your health and beauty products. EWG also publishes an annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce – commonly known as the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15.

This report details which of the FDA’s 230 different pesticide residues are left on produce even after its washed or peeled. Gross!! The guide states that nearly 70 of conventionally grown produce is contaminated with pesticide.

This year’s list is quite similar to last year’s, so not much is changing in the great land of farming and chemical company lobbying. Each of these foods were found to have MOST pesticide residue:

Please don’t think that a bit of bug spray on your tomatoes is no big deal. There are scientific links to poor fertility by individuals who consumed foods highest in pesticide residues.

There are also proven neurotoxins on many of these dirty dozen foods that harm children’s brains and nervous systems. This is scary stuff that we should learn to avoid for the health of our families and of generations to come.

Now, before you totally freak out and vow to never eat anything green again….here is the list of the Clean 15. These are found to have the least amount of pesticide residue. You can calmly and safely eat the conventionally grown versions of these.

You have the power. You can make better choices. You can provide healthier options for yourself and your family.


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