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4th of july and the phoodmoose bbq menu

We hope you all had a safe, happy and HEALTHY 4th of July? It's always a great time of year for Heather and me as it's also our Dad's birthday (no, he's not as old as our country). Unfortunately, we couldn't all be together this year, but we got to talk on the phone before going to our respective celebrations. The boy and I went to the parade and town festival - something we can't remember doing together in a very long time, and never since we moved to Colorado. It was a lot of fun. And for such a small town, Monument puts on a really great parade! Then we came home to make the food for the feasting. We had some friends come over for an easy BBQ and bon fire.

Our menu included:

  • Burgers (using our grass-fed meat from Lasater Ranch)

  • My homemade potato salad (recipe coming soon)

  • Homemade watermelon rind pickles

  • Watermelon Stars

  • Jicama "Fries"

  • Sautéed Mushrooms

  • Grilled Asperagus

  • S'mores cupcakes from Primal Palate

  • An awesome white sweet potato, asparagus and sausage dish that Miss Sandra brought

  • And a batch of Sangria

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