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using a dehydrator vs. an oven

I love my dehydrator! There, I said it. It was a complete impulse purchase and even though I did buy it with birthday money, I did not conclude that this new kitchen toy was worth it's bulky size until I discovered the allure of zucchini chips.

Friday, I had 5 zucchinis that had come in the previous week's organic veggie box from Fresh Picks and the kids did not want another bowl of "zoodles" this week. The mandolin slicer (another not quite necessary kitchen tool) made quick work out of making coins. I slathered them in ghee and salt. Two trays went into the oven at 225 degrees for 2 hours (flipping each piece over after 1 hour) and the rest went into the dehydrator overnight. Although both were delicious, crispy and chip-like, the ease of use with the dehydrator makes it my first choice. Even with the lovely browning from the oven, the dehydrator wins my vote. Just set it and forget it! What busy gal does not like the sound of that?

This is the one that Patti has and she love hers, too.

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