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how 'booch are you? a mini intro to kombucha

Have you tried kombucha (‘booch) yet? I fell in love with this fermented tea drink after finding it at Whole Foods. Since then, I have found several sites that give detailed instructions on making your own. At $4 a bottle, making my own sounded like just the ticket. I started by purchasing a few bottles from the store and using them to create my very own baby SCOBY (a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) - not, “Scooby”, but I do call it that in my house. After the creation of the mama bacteria, I was ready to make ‘booch. It took several tries to get it nice and tasty like at the store, but the finished product is so worth it. It has wonderful probiotics and keeps my tummy happy. I recommend starting out slowly when introducing it to your body, so that you continue to have things moving slowly and steadily, with no explosive surprises

One of my biggest helps was this site in getting ideas to get things rolling. It details how to make the SCOBY and get you brewing your batch method kombucha.

Once I was a bit more adventurous, I started a continuous brew jug for my ‘booch. Wellness Mama has some fabulous insight on how to make the switch.

My biggest guidance yet has been the podcast on Underground Wellness Radio by Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp.

She really opened my eyes to the concept of the second ferment and how to work the flavors with fruit and juice added to the brew. My favorite thus far is Strawberry Lemonade. You just chop up a strawberry and add it to your beverage as it sits for a second ferment. A shot of lemon juice and 2 days on the counter make it a delicious treat. Maybe it would even be better with vodka?

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