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welcome to phoodmoose!  we're so glad you're here!



We’re sisters (and the p and h in phood) and we are here to show you that there are healthier options out there in the REAL world. 



Why "phood", you ask? Well, because "food" these days seems to represent anything except what our bodies need.  It's supermarkets full of packages of hydrogenated goo and chemically created franken-foods.  So we've given a new name to an old resource. Healthy, tasty, REAL... phood.



Why "moose?"  Because they're stinkin' cute, that's why.  And because on a road trip across southern Alaska in 2014, we saw soooo many of them, we thought of them as part of our family. It was that road trip where this "phoodmoose" adventure began.



Total health is not just about the food we eat, but encompasses the lifestyles we have created.  To help people achieve the best possible health and wellness, we will show you where toxic chemicals are hiding in your life, so that you can ditch and switch to healthier and safer alternatives.  



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