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phoodmoose eats colorado - our favorite places to dine around denver and colorado springs

When heather comes to visit, it means we eat somewhere new every day. No one complains about that! Here are the places we enjoyed this summer - and we know you will love them, too!

Old Major lunch – bar menu

o Pea Hummus with GF bread and beautiful shaved veggies

o Pub burger w/ pork fries – pickles!

o Flights are the way to try everything

o Blueberry something

o Ginger Peach

Bourbon Brothers for Brunch

o Smoked Prime Rib

o Peach Compote (put on Fr toast & Ham!)

o Biscuits (not GF)

o Fried Chicken (didn’t have bones)

o Classic Benedict

o Fish & Chips

o Chic Tenders

o Monte Cristo

o Sweet Tater waffle fries and honey mustard

o Sticky Buns

o Corned Beef Hash

o Bene Combo (Green chili with Barbacoa & Traditional)

We always love to try something new. That's how we live for REAL. Do yourself a favor and ditch boring chain restaurants when you travel. Try something local!


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