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healing stones & essential oils, diffuser bracelets

you can see all the details at our etsy store

Our topic today is not scary at all – Healing Stones. They seem to be having a moment right now. We recorded an entire podcast about these babies. Check out the phoodmoose podcast episode 08.

You may have also heard of crystals or chakras and these 3 items all work together for body healing. I’m going to focus on Stones, but if you want to know more, get out the Google and learn like you mean it. there is tons of info out there – and lots of it is not even woo-woo-y.

Healing stones help balance the energy in the body so that you can manifest health and happiness. As they release blocked energy, you experience subtle energy healing. Accompany this with Essential Oils and an affirmation for an amazingly deep release.

When selecting which stones you want, just pick what you are drawn to – the color, the shape, the size – feel its energy. You will most likely find the healing properties of that stones are just what you need at that time in your life. Each of the stones has a specific meaning to enhance your emotions, clear negative emotional patterns and enhance the positive.

When you first get your stones, cleanse them in salt water to clear the energy of all the hands that touched them before you. You can also charge the stones in direct sunlight or moonlight to give them a boost.

After clearing and recharging, set your intention – whatever you want the stones to help you with - your intention will be in line with the properties of the stone. Hold the stones, sit quietly and breathe – slowly and deeply. Repeat your affirmation out loud and state what you want to manifest. Visualize the healing and desired feeling in your body.

By offering bracelets, we have taken the steps to take to really use stones to their fullest. We have crafted a specific selection of Healing Stones into jewelry to make them accessible to you easily throughout the day.

You can check them all out on our Etsy store. Each bracelet comes with instructions for use, an Affirmation to repeat - feel free to change it to suit you - and a sample of the complimentary Essential Oil blend to use on the Lava Stones. The Lava Stones are porous and hold the scent for days.

If you use Healing Stones or Essential Oils to support your emotions, you can ditch some of your not-so-REAL coping methods, like zoning out to tv or endless scrolling on social media to clear your head. When you can’t get your mind to let it go, pick up an EO and a healing stone and just breath. It works wonders. Ahhhhhh


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