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the podcast (phoodcast) is HERE!

You guys!! We are SOOOOOOO excited to announce the launch of our new podcast!! 🎧 🔈

The idea is to talk about living for REAL... phood (check out our episode to learn about the spelling), health, recipes, relationships, oils, and lots of other REAL stuff!

All of this delivered in our own, ridiculously-hysterical way. (laugh with us or at us... we don't care.)

We would LOVE 😍😘😍😘 if you took a listen and subscribed to our weekly fun. We're in all the usual places (finally!) including, iTunes/Apple podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast, and, of course, our website.

Weekly episodes will post on Mondays. Join us for all the REAL the fun!


Episode 0: the pilot episode

Patti & Heather (the "p" and "h" in phoodmoose) introduce themselves and explain what the heck IS phoodmoose, anyway?

Thank you to so many people who helped us get this fun project started:

Mark (& Rick) @ Simply Human Lifestyle

Monica @ Finding Momo (blog coming soon)

Tammy, Bev, Debi & the whole Oily Moose team

... and so many more!!

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