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clean makeup? savvy minerals by young living is totally clean!

Maybe one of your 2018 goals is to eat clean and get healthy? Along your research for new recipes without the toxic ingredients; you've come across results and articles about cleaning out your makeup stash and thought, "What on Earth does makeup have to do with eating clean and being healthy?"

Well, your skin is your largest organ. Why would that matter? Well, anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and can be found in the bloodstream in only 2 minutes! And that blood is circulated to EVERY CELL IN THE BODY in just 20 minutes.

So... what you put on your skin matters a lot. Just like you wouldn't EAT things such as petroleum or formaldehyde, you might not want to be using skincare products that contain them, either. Ewww.

Did you know that most commercially available makeup, including the really expensive ones that you buy at fancy department stores, have ingredients (many of which are banned in other countries and the European Union) like: Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosan (recently banned by the FDA and currently being phased out of US products), Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Formaldehyde, Petroleum by-products, Synthetic colors, and Fragrance. And that stuff is in the "good" brands. Think about the cheap stuff you get at the drugstore or the dollar store.

Take a few minutes and scan your makeup stash with the Think Dirty app or EWG's Skin Deep app (both FREE!) to see what's lurking in there. Even if your stuff is labeled "natural" or "pure," you might find that it isn't either. Go ahead... I'll wait.

So... now that you know the importance your makeup plays on overall health... and that your makeup could be making you sick... what's a girl to do?

I generally support the "ditch and switch" method! This means, as you use something up, switch to the healthier alternative when it's time to replace it. It's easy because you only have to replace a few things at a time - and you don't have to feel bad about dumping everything (and all the money) in the trash (or recycling bin).


Clean things out!


That being said... when it comes to makeup, IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT, I recommend getting rid of the junk now. I know, I know... you spent $1000 on that fantastic red lipstick. But do you know how they get that fantastic red? Google it. You won't like the answer.

And it's not just that these toxins are in your products and you absorb them, but that they never really leave your body. They build up in the tissues because when you use them every day, you don't get the opportunity to metabolize or possibly excrete them.

I don't mean to scare you (but I kinda do because this -ish is REAL), but you're putting those toxins on your eyelids... some of the thinnest skin you have. That means it's going into your eyeballs. When I realized that, I freaked. (I wonder if my years of drug store crap has anything to do with the fact that I can't see the alarm clock from the bed without my glasses? hmmmmm) What you put on your lips gets into your mouth and the gums are one of the fastest routes to the heart.

So... now that you're crying and you hate me for shining this spot light on your the most feminine thing you have (aside from your boobs)... there is some good news.

You know what DOESN'T have any of that ick? Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living*. Savvy Minerals is developed with "an unwavering standard of purity and quality [...] made without cheap fillers or synthetics."

You know what it does have?

  • Young Living Essential Oils

  • Aspen Bark Extract

  • Kaolin clay

  • High-quality minerals

  • Non-nano ingredients

You know what else... it's CHEAPER than those fancy department store brands!! Starting tomorrow, February 1, 2018, you can get:

  • a Foundation

  • a Blush

  • THREE eyeshadows

  • a Lip Gloss

  • Misting Spray*

  • 5-ml Lavender

  • AND a softer-than-a-bunny-tail Foundation Brush

for only $150!!! That's 40% off the retail cost!

Plus... you'll get 24% off EVERYTHING ELSE on the Young Living website - FOREVER!

What is "misting spray?" It's the missing link in mineral foundation! Made with pure essential oils and plant-based ingredients, the aromatic Misting Spray gives you more control with your mineral powder makeup application, so you’ll look - and smell - AHH-MAZING.

It creates THE BEST application of mineral makeup EVER. Lightly spray your makeup brush before applying powder for, what I call, a simply luxurious finish. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but that really is the best word for it. So soft on your face.

Plus, coverage is buildable. Spritz and add a little more to those dark circles or red spots. You''ll be flawless in no time. It's so easy!! They even have a tutorial so you can be out the door in 5 Minutes!!

When you are ready to jump on the super healthy and good for you Savvy Mineral Makeup bandwagon, this kit is an amazing way to get started. Just click here* to get started.

You're gonna look fabulous, dah-ling!

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, we will be paid a small commission. Be assured we only promote products/services in which we believe and/or that we personally use.


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